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New GRG is up!

Time for some shapeshifter shoptalk!


New GRG is up! (4/24)

Special guest appearance by Laverne Cox, who says the thing!!!

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[Fan Art/Handmade/Papercraft].

Just…made a papercraft….hand-made paper card…(fan art picture) of Modmad’s gorgeous character  ~ RGB…



We have an official date for our return, and the beginning of the end for GRG Issue Two, Remember To Die: April 2nd, and that’s no foolin!

In the meantime, check out our Patreon page. We’re stepping up our game upon returning, and can use the added support. And since we have already made some headway there, we now have an Ask Blog! It’s a great way to get some bite-size GRG content in-between updates.



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Pretty Cool Webcomics: Glam Rock Gorilla


Glam Rock Gorilla is a Pretty Cool Webcomic by Hammer Smith (writer) and an art team that has rotated between Kelsey, Tom, Sarah and Maya, with a soundtrack generously donated by Boston rock band Summoner! It is currently on a brief hiatus, but otherwise updates once a week on Wednesdays.

Thaddeus Crunch has been jobless for his whole life, which sucks for humans… and is potentially worse when you’re a talking gorilla sharing an apartment with serpentine hustler Marcy Watanabe and former space-marine Alexus Mercury. In a burst of impulse after their robotic neighbour Amadeus Mark 1 asks Thad to critique its musical performance, Thad figures out a surefire way to get his life back on track: start a rock band! Sure they don’t have any instruments or recent experience, but what could possibly go wrong?

Well… destroying the entire robot compound in what can only be described as a “Rocksplosion,” for one. It’s a close call but not only does the group survive, they get a record deal with the illustrious Griffin Records! Thaddeus sees it as a chance to score big and (with some prompting from Amadeus) help restore the compound so synthetic life has a safe place to live once again, but there are sinister forces at work in the background… and ghosts of the past just waiting to make their presence known once again…

To say Glam Rock Gorilla is a wild ride is… well, it’s a huge understatement. Robots, magic, war, conspiracies, rock operas… you wouldn’t think it would al fit together in webcomic form, but it does, and it is glorious. And really, what other webcomic can you think of that discusses the trials and ethics of the music industry while a magical snake shapeshifter gives beauty advice to an ex-super-soldier while a self-centred gorilla and evil chimpanzee go over contract details? None? I thought as much. GRG is a wall-to-wall tale of excitement and rock, and the kind of thing that is a sheer delight to read.

Glam Rock Gorilla features some foul language and violence, and is recommended for older teens and up.



Consider this the mid-season finale, where I leave you with a major cliffhanger that will haunt you for months! Well, weeks. Less than two months.

For maximum punch, please read the previous page, RTD.60 first. Heck, maybe even start all the way back at RTD. 53. Start from the very beginning for Maximum Effect!Just please read my comic.

A huge thank you to everyone who just did as I asked, and for everyone else who is or plans on reading my silly story. It means the world to me.

I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted regarding our grand return. Stay tuned.




New GRG is up!

Guess who’s coming to (ruin Thanksgiving) dinner!

Reblogging now that most of the holidaze has died down.

Webcomic of the Month! November: Drunkards of the Cosmos | ComicAttack


I was out of town when this went up, but you should really go check out Drunkards of the Cosmos.


New GRG is up!

We learn a little more about Tad in this one.