Allison1710 With Iron Feet
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No Primus (too expensive for crappy seats), no Hank 3 (playing the same night as the Auto Club at a different venue COME ON).

I give up.


I would hire Cr1tical to do the voice of Jared.

This is the greatest camera watching of All Time 


Dear the band Primus,

I am so lonely without you. You complete me and ever since you’ve been gone, a piece of my soul has been missing and I am but a shell of my former self. I am so empty and lost without you. And now I hear you’re coming back to town. My broken heart leapt with joy, but once I found out which seats were available to me, and their price, it shattered all over again and into even more pieces than before. Why would you do this to me? I just want to see you again. I still care about you, that flame will never go out – not even against the cold treatment you give me now. I love you. I wished you love me. I wrote this out of hurt.  



Yes King Baby


Background guy is not impressed by this photoshop job. Background guy judges all.



an au where Chuck is literally just a mirror Raleigh tries to fight sometimes