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BBC Doc: What is Klezmer Pt. 1


G String Orchestra, performing “Lebedik” next to the Norfolk Southern yard in New Orleans



tumblr user gunpowderguillotine is an actual superhero.


It’s Administrative Professionals Appreciation Day

And I basically ate an office-provided Thanksgiving dinner (which, for me, is a bunch of steamed veggies, salad, and a spoonful of mac ‘n cheese). And one of our attorneys just handed me a slice of strawberry cheesecake and we celebrated Boss Man’s birthday yesterday with cheesecake this is why I’m not losing weight you guys. But the aforementioned attorney told me that he won an appeal recently and would not have been able to do so without my assistance, so that made me feel good.

Salad for dinner for the next week. Salad for lunch too.


and i would walk five thousand miles and iiii would walk five thousand more just to beeeee the one who grills the cheese DA DA DA DAAAA


allison1710: Amburp, grill me a cheese. 


I’m on the way


the eternal battle with internalized misogyny



here’s an example of how insidious this is:

If you were one of those young girls who was simultaneously told that she was smart and talented and loveable for being smart and talented but also told that men were smarter and more valuable than women, you might grow up rejecting anything even vaguely feminine because you didn’t want to be mistaken for weak/stupid/ girly, which you know are bad things.

So you might have a whole lot of tastes that you thought were intrinsic to your personality, like hating the color pink, that are really internalized misogyny. You might grow up and discover some girly stuff that is GREAT like Sailor Moon and realize that you don’t actually hate sparkles and flowers and pink after all, and wonder how different you might have been if you hadn’t been taught from an early age that being a girl was distasteful.

For instance.

oh look the realization i’ve been having for the past few years

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Fuggit, if they ever have a reuinon, I’ll go to Norway alone.

I don’t care. Statistically speaking, I think I have a greater chance of dying in Denver, anyway.

And my hopes for a reunion are still high. Milk that cash cow, boys. You’re all relatively young 9Rush still tours, Maiden still tours, Dio toured until he died; you can too).


This show got me through many all-nighters in college. I remember sitting in the doorway of my closet*, masonite board on my lap, and my pirated DVD (I had to use the school computers to unzip everything and put it together with Toast; the menus work and are interactive and everything) of this playing on my laptop.

Kaizers gave me so much and I might never ever see them live and it makes me sad.

*I have this weird…I dunno, I don’t like drawing on tables a whole lot. I feel more comfortable if I draw on the floor, preferably somewhere where I can curl up or make myself small.